Landscape Lighting Expands Nighttime Entertaining Options

Landscape lighting is not only pleasing to the eye, but it also serves an important purpose. One of our recent clients was just finishing up a backyard remodel when they called us. They are a family with a young daughter and another child on the way. They love to entertain and spend time outside as a family. They had just put in a new, beautiful deck and landscaping, and had an existing pool. They loved their outdoor space during the day, but it was too dark at night, especially the pool.

We thought that by adding outdoor lighting, they could expand their living space at night and add the safety they were looking for. Our plan included adding copper seat-wall lights under the deck steps to be able to see the steps at night, up-lighting the trees, and adding path lighting along the walkways. This provided enough light for the family and their guests to get from the deck to the pool and backyard safely in the evenings.

Oakdail 06

When meeting with the family, I also noticed a small child-sized clubhouse, designed to match the style of the house, tucked in a corner of the backyard. This was a particularly dark area of the backyard, so we suggested adding some down-lighting from the tree to illuminate the clubhouse at night. The family loved the idea!

Oakdail 10

Now the family has a well-lit pathway to and from their pool, and can keep an eye on their daughter while she plays in the clubhouse. We know our clients will enjoy their new yard under the stars for years to come!

Andrew J Coleman, is the Outdoor Lighting Designer forĀ McKay Landscape Lighting. Since 1987, McKay has designed, installed and serviced landscape lighting in the greater Omaha, Neb. region. Andrew holds a degree in Horticulture/Landscape Design from University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has over ten years of experience in the Landscape Design/Build field.

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